Brokers & Carriers

We have selected brokers who are focused on using technology to lower plan costs and risks.

Brokers’ willingness and ability to understand the fast moving changes can vary greatly across the marketplace. Typically, they receive their flat commissions and are not motivated to reduce costs after the point of sale. We team up with only the most sophisticated brokers focused on identifying areas of opportunities to proactively lower plan costs.


We leverage software solutions using algorithms and AI to analyze data to identify cost savings with high ROI.

The increasing use of technology to analyze and use predictive forecasting has demonstrated real opportunities to reduce healthcare costs. Historical reports along with future “what if” scenarios can mitigate risk and re-focus investments. The highest opportunities to cut costs can be determined and paired with the appropriate add-on services to reduce the plan’s expenses.

Discounted Medical

Our partners make it possible to save up to 40% on high priced medical services by identifying and by taking advantage of excess supply.

Programs exist that offer significant savings over the same services. Many medical providers are willing to take discounts on excess inventory of services at significant savings to even the big carrier’s negotiated rates. Benefit programs can be structured to provide employee incentives that take advantage of these savings.

A different approach…

Self Fund has selectively bundled the top solutions for self-funded companies to directly reduce their healthcare costs.

There are limits to shopping for the lowest health insurance plan for your company. Ultimately, your company is at risk for the healthcare costs in your self funded plan. Various technology solutions in our platform have now come to market to address the actual costs of your group and proactively manage risk.

We are focused on using the best-in-class options and bundling them for our clients to reduce the cost of healthcare. Our selected technology allows analytics to showcase the areas of focus for the highest return on investment. We then build a platform to actively lower costs that can also be used as incentives to employees taking steps to reduce their costs.

Allow us to help match the right solutions to your needs

Call us to discuss your rising healthcare costs and learn how we can help match your firm to real solutions and lower healthcare expenses.